Special Edition « Post-degree at the ESADSE »

Hyun-Kyung LEE

We are all big children. Humour is the most elegant rebellion against life pressure. Handleable games give the opportunity of developing our creativity. They can then bring some thoughtlessness in everyday life.


Baptiste Menu

Symbiotic design. My work is about reuse. It is a study about the material flow into the design process. I display some works from school and the actual research project.



Fabien Combe

Mobility and movement. From urban mobility linked to our needs to the prosthesis-objet enabling the movement : presentation of 4 projects developed during my studies at the Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design. 3 projects are presenting innovative mobility systems based on service sharing. The last one, currently in progress, proposes a object for the fun of movement , based on a research about speed.



Cécile Rembauville

What are the conditions of creation practice inside the companies structured on the current work management methods? This presentation illustrates my intention to reveal, through a documentary film considered as an awareness tool, the mechanisms of the contemporary work management provoking the death of social link and the drying up of creation. It is made up of sensitive, non descriptive illustrations of various elements included in this issue, such as: the creator as a specific figure of worker, potential of social cohesion held in the enterprise, the current work management methods, their consequences, the appropriation of creative methods, and my film project, which is made up of accounts, intended to pass on a subjective speech and give again to the protagonists a hold over their own thought.



Sébastien Degeilh

Student of the Post Diploma 2010. He has got a DNSEP in communication and is specialized in graphic design and illustration.



Apolline Fluck

Designer and artist. She has got a DNAP at Limoge Higher Schoolof Art in 2008 and a DNSEP at Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and design. Her work is focused on scenography and experience of the object.



Marie-Pierre Vandeputte

She has studied interior architecture at Ecole Boulle, Paris. She participated in numerous design and interior architecture projects in France and Belgium.


Bin Yu

Born in China, he studied at Saint-Étienne, obtained a DNAP, a DNSEP and followed the Master Espace Public.


Sebastian Olarte

Born in Colombia, he is studying at the Master Espace Public in Saint-Étienne.